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Anyone who has watched a child grow up – whether your own, your niece or nephew, a
neighbor, or a friend – knows the financial commitment that extracurricular activities, particularly
sports, require. The stakes get higher in collegiate athletics, where name, image, and likeness
(NIL) and endorsements have become the norm. Not all athletes have the same opportunities,
and not all sports teams are empowered to earn their valuable NIL dollars.

This is where Stashlete shines.

The concept of paying it forward is a lifelong commitment I inherited from my adoptive parents.
A native of South Carolina, from the age of 5, I played every sport one could imagine –
swimming, basketball, soccer, volleyball, and tennis. I was fortunate to have natural athletic
talent, but I was even more fortunate to have supportive parents who could also afford the
financial obligations that came with these sports. I watched my teammates, some with no way to
travel to tournaments or pay membership fees, face the realities of their love of the game versus
what their families could afford. I also watched my parents’ generosity in action, often filling the
financial void for my teammates’ families, all in the spirit of sportsmanship.

When NIL entered the scene, we talked to fans, collectives, and athletic departments, and the
idea that this financial divide is even more prevalent in today’s collegiate sports business really
stuck with us. So, we got to work. We had to eliminate the challenge of current models that fall
short of inclusiveness across all sports, across all team members.

The answer was in the hands of the fans. After all, fans are the heartbeat of college sports; their
history, traditions, and passion run deep. How could we connect fans to the student-athletes
they love while eliminating the gap that existed for more than 98% of college athletes?
With its innovative features and user-centric design, Stashlete is the go-to platform for college
sports enthusiasts nationwide. We allow fans to customize and divvy up their spending among
schools and teams, creating a portfolio of giving.

YOU choose where your money goes. 

Just as I experienced as a young athlete, paying it forward can make a huge impact. I look
forward to welcoming each of you to our Stashlete community. We hope you find value in who
we are, what we are about, and the impact you can make by spreading change.

Impact. Repeat. Stashlete.


With gratitude,

Founder / CEO

Stashlete, Inc.

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